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The Department of Classical Studies at Duke embraces the languages and literatures, archaeology and material culture, and histories of the Greek, Roman, and late antique pasts. Classical Studies, inherently inter-disciplinary, encourages serious engagement with our complex past and its place in the present and for the future. Students develop broad knowledge while cultivating cross-cultural fluency and critical intellectual skills and methodological strategies. The requirements of the two majors, Classical Civilizations and Classical Languages, convey the disciplinary coherence of the field, yet are flexible enough to allow students to develop their own interests while progressing through their studies.

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2014-15 Annual Newsletter PHEME:

The latest edition of Duke's Department of Classical Studies annual newsletter, PHEME is available now by CLICKING HERE.

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Call for Applicants in Digital and Classic Archaeology:

Post-doc position, Research Associate or Equivalent

The DIG@LAB (Digital Digging) at Duke, Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies, seeks applicants for a post-doc, a research associate (or equivalent) fellowship focusing on scholarship in digital archaeology - Roman archaeology – and more specifically on the digital reconstruction of the Forum of Trajan in Rome for the Museum of Imperial Fora.

For more info, please CLICK HERE

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Duke CLST Publications:

Classical Archaeology in Context:
     Theory and Practice in Excavation in the Greek World

By Duke CLST Professor Carla Antonaccio & UNC Professor Donald Haggis

Walter de Gruyter, published by Walter de Gruyter. Copyright, Walter de Gruyter. 

The Epic Rhapsode and His Craft:
     Homeric Performance in a Diachronic Perspective

By Duke CLST Assistant Professor José M. González

Recently featured in the THE HELLENIC STUDIES SERIES by the Center for Hellenics Studies

Hellenic Studies 47, published by the Center for Hellenic Studies. Copyright, Center for Hellenic Studies. Available now in print via Harvard University Press


    • antonaccio book
    • gonzalez book

Congratulations Class of 2015!

Classical Civilizations – Majors

Barbara Blachut – Cum laude
Amanda Rae Fetter
Deborah Lynn Mayers
Brittany Alexis Nanan
Sonora A. Williams
Erica Elizabeth Zeno

Classical Languages – Majors

Erin Lynn McInerney – Cum laude 

Classical Civilization – Minors

Katelyn Taylor Alley
Chelsea Marie Bright
Wilson Alan Moore Fisher
Lauren E Hansson – Cum laude
Erin Lynn McInerney – Cum laude
Kevin William Shamieh
Crystal Whitney Terry
Tara Moran Trahey – Summa cum laude
Emma Lewis Weitzner – Magna cum laude
Shida Ye

Latin - Minor

Devon Nicole Beverly
Eliza Price Strong

Master of Arts

Young Eun Kim

Doctor of Philosophy

Clifford Allen Robinson

Below: Pictures from the Class of 2015 Classical Studies Graduation Ceremony

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    • img 1212
    • img 1213
    • img 1223
    • img 1227
    • img 1229
    • img 1230
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    • img 1238
    • img 1239
    • img 1241
    • img 1245
    • img 1243
    • img 1246
    • img 1247
    • img 1248
    • img 1250
    • img 1253
    • img 1256
    • dsc 0723
    • dsc 0724
    • dsc 0725
    • dsc 0731
    • dsc 0732
    • dsc 0734
    • dsc 0735
    • dsc 0738
    • dsc 0739
    • dsc 0740
    • dsc 0741
    • dsc 0742
    • dsc 0743
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Duke Blue Devil Days 2015:

Below: Photos from Duke Blue Devil Days 2015 Classical Studies academic info sessions for the incoming Class of 2019. #Duke2019

    • img 8185
    • img 8193
    • img 8187
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    • 11137187 10103820644200241 3442908392507163695 n
    • 11078212 10103820643786071 6691059386146601544 n
    • 11031911 10103820644349941 8515205203109341042 n
    • 10987493 10103820644000641 1471505227873583791 n
    • 10468624 10103820644090461 1406487153462961846 n
    • 10423272 10103820643681281 7840297178021862358 n 1
    • 10313062 10103820644285071 6696236190905230320 n
    • 1555337 10103820644424791 3706713857769332735 n
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Duke Students & Faculty Abroad:

Geophysical Survey at the Roman Camps at Renieblas (Spain)

An international team led by Alicia Jiménez (Duke University), with collaborators from York University, the University of Munich and Geozone, has conducted a geophysical survey in June 2015 at one of the earliest and best preserved Roman Republican camps in the Mediterranean. The data gathered during the Electromagnetic (EM) and Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey at Renieblas (Spain), generously supported by The Arts and Sciences Council (Duke University), have provided crucial information for the project. Duke is preparing to begin excavations at the site in July.

The five Roman camps of Renieblas, significant as examples of Roman military planning, are often used to illustrate the basic structure of the Republican army as described by Polybius in book 6 of his Histories. The site also promises to elucidate the vexed but important questions of the supply to the army in the Early Roman provinces, the pay of the Republican army, and the beginning of local coinage in a large area of Hispania Citerior.

Below: Photos from Renieblas

    • 1 jimenez
    • 2 jimenez
    • 3 jimenez
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"Pioneering a Learning Community in China"

Sitting in his office on Duke’s West Campus, Professor William Johnsonreminds a visitor that “a university is not about the big tall oak trees and the beautiful gothic wonderland; it’s about a group of people who are really involved in learning.”

Johnson is one of more than 25 Duke faculty and academic staff members who were on site in Kunshan, China, for Duke Kunshan University's first semester of operations last fall.

To continue reading, please visit the Global Learning at Duke

Below: Students and faculty from Duke Kunshan University's first semester in Fall 2014.

    • johnson china 1
    • johnson china 2
    • johnson china 3
    • johnson china 4
    • johnson china 5
    • johnson china 7
    • johnson china 8
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“Ghost Cities of Greece”

In the foothills of eastern Crete, a short trek from the seaside village of Kavousi, there are the outlines of an early Greek city. Among the remnants are traces of a communal dining hall, an olive press facility, storerooms, a hearth temple, and clusters of small houses, all dating to at least the fifth century B.C. For most of the year, the site, called Azoria, sits dormant. But for the last few summers, a diverse team of archaeologists—including a handful of Duke students and faculty members— have worked to build a picture of how that ancient society functioned.

To continue reading, please visit the Duke Magazine

Below: The on-going Duke Archaeological Field Practicum summer archaeological fieldschool in Azoria, Crete.

    • p7060935
    • barbara blachut dig in azoria crete in 2013 1
    • dig in azoria crete in 2013
    • p7090979
    • p7030916
    • barbara blachut dig in azoria crete in 2013
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    • azoria
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Duke University Students Digitally Document Ancient Tomb

Students in the Duke in Tuscany program (Duke University) were at an archaeological site in June 2014 in Italy's Vulci Naturalistic Park when local archaeologists discovered a rare ancient and intact Etruscan tomb. The find allowed the students to use the digital documentation skills they were learning from Duke Professor Maurizio Forte. The result was a 3D model of the burial site, which Forte believes is the first such model of an Etruscan tomb.

Read more at Duke Today


Duke CLST Fieldwork Projects:

“New Fieldwork Project: Roman Camps at Renieblas (Soria, Spain)”

Alicia Jiménez (Duke University) Jesús Bermejo (York University) and Martin Luik (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) gave a paper at the last Archaeological Institute of America and Society for Classical Studies Joint Annual Meeting (New Orleans, Jan. 2015) about the new fieldwork project they are setting up in Spain.

To continue reading, please visit the Consortium for Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology


Duke CLST in the Media:

What ancient Romans can teach us about Confederate monuments

Op-ed by Professor Mary T. Boatwright in The News & Observer, July 23, 2015. www.newsobserver.com/opinion/op-ed/article28451935.html

Ecco com’era Reggio Emilia al tempo dei romani

Da maggio ai Musei Civici la ricostruzione in 3D realizzata dai ricercatori della Duke University di Monica Rossi

To read more, please visit Il Resto del Carlino

Below: Pictures from the Regium@Lepidi Project.

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    • quotidiano 3
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Why study the Classics at Duke?



Spring 2016 Courses:

For more information on Spring 2016 course, please CLICK HERE.

    • first year seminars
    • where it began
    • archaeology
    • power plays
    • advanced languages
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Virtual Museums: Final Student Presentations

CLST 240L Virtual Museums, Professor Maurizio Forte
Friday, December 4, 2015
Smith-Warehouse Bay 12, Room 228
3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.For more info, please CLICK HERE

    • virtual museums final

November 2015

The AIA Society of NC (Triangle Area) and the Classics Department of UNC-Chapel Hill presents Dr. Alicia Jiménez, Assistant Professor at Duke University

"The Creation of the Roman Provinces and the Army: The New Fieldwork Project at the Roman Camps near Numantia (Renieblas, Spain, 2nd-1st c. BCE)" presented by Alicia Jiménez (Duke University)

Friday, November 6, 2015
Murphey 104 at UNC
5:00 to 6:30 p.m. Reception to follow

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, please CLICK HERE

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Archaeological Institute of America, N. Carolina Society Lectures



Department of Classical Studies is pleased to present Dr. Jonathan Edmondson, Professor of History at York University

“Augusta Emerita (Mérida): Roman Colony and Monument of Imperial Power in Roman Spain”

Thursday, October 15, 2015
Languages Bldg., Room 211
5:15 to 6:15 p.m. Reception to follow

For more info, CLICK HERE

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Department of Classical Studies is pleased to present Dr. Jaakko Frösén, Professor at Helsinki University
“From carbonized papyri to the Monastery of Saint Aaron at Petra – The 'last will’ of Mr. Obodianos, P. Petra inv. 6a”
Monday, October 19, 2015
Allen Bldg., Room 226
5:15 to 6:15 p.m. Reception to follow
For more info, CLICK HERE
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Professor Alicia Jiménez gave the keynote talk on Oct. 3 at the following colloquium in Canada:
    • jimenez 10 3 15


A story waiting to be written ... announcing Story Lab!

The Franklin Humanities Institute is pleased to announce the beginning of a new Humanities Laboratory, STORY LAB, in Fall 2015.  We live in an age when stories - whether in the form of myths, novels, film and television series, virtual reality games, news narratives and commercial branding, among many others - are more vital than ever.  Proceeding from a conviction that there is an urgent need to talk about, reflect on, and critically engage with the phenomenon of storytelling, Story Lab will offer a dynamic space for exploring what it means to make story, embody story, analyze story, talk story, and live story.  The Lab will offer an opportunity to study and foster a space for storytelling, connecting research with expression.  The Lab will be co-directed by Professors Eileen Chow (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), Carlos Rojas (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), and Clare Woods (Classical Studies). 

For more info, please CLICK HERE

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Placement Announcement:

Congratulations to our latest PhD graduate, Cliff Robinson, who has recently accepted tenure-track position at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

    • clifford robinson


2014-15 Awards and Honors:

Congratulations to Robert Dudley who has won a Fulbright Scholarship to study in Germany in 2015-16.

    • dudley rob


Congratulations to Katie Langenfeld for winning the President's Award for Best Graduate Student Paper from the Classical Association of the Midwest and South - Southern Section.  She gave "Challenging the 'Conspiracy of Silence': Historical Memory, Usurpers, and the Imperial Biographies of the Historia Augusta," in October 2014 at CAMWS-SS Meeting in Fredericksburg, VA. Great job, Katie!

Below: Current Graduate student, Katie exploring the remains of the Colosseum in Rome, July 2012, while on the American Academy's Classical Summer School program.

    • katie langenfeld


Some More Recent 2014-15 News and Events:

The 26th annual UNC/Duke Classics Graduate Colloquium was held in April 2015 at Duke and UNC’s campuses. The colloquium included graduate papers and discussions on the role of the outsider in Greek and Roman history, literature, and archaeology and featured a keynote address by Eric Adler (University of Maryland, College Park) entitled, “Did the Greeks and Romans Invent Racism?”

For a complete list of events from the colloquium, please CLICK HERE

In Feb. 2015 the Department of Classical Studies at Duke hosted a lecture and Q&A by David Konstan. Dr. Konstan is a Professor of Classics at New York University and Emeritus Professor of Classics at Brown University. The lecture was on his recent book "Beauty: The Fortunes of an Ancient Greek Idea", which was also sponsored by The Onassis Foundation (USA) University Seminars Program.

At the recent Joint Annual Meeting of the 2015 AIA & SCS in New Orleans a number of Duke faculty, graduate students, and former faculty and students gave presentations.  These include:

  • Micaela Janan (Duke): The Father’s Tragedy: Assessing Paternity in Silvae 2 (in a panel she co-organized)
  • Carla Antonaccio and Shelley Stone (Cal State Bakersfield): The Hellenistic Sanctuary on the Cittadella, 1957-2012
  • Alicia Jiménez (Duke), Jesus Bermejo (York), and Martin Luik (Ludwig-Maximilians): The Roman Republican Camps at Renieblas (Soria, Spain): Historical Problems and Archaeological Perspectives
  • Francis Newton (Duke) and Robert Babcock (now at UNC-CH): Tibullus and Charlemagne: A Mini-Cycle of Poems from the King’s Court Modeled upon the Corpus Tibullianum
  • Kathryn Langenfeld (Duke): The Historia Augusta’s “Audacity to Invent”: Biography and the Ancient Novel in the Late Empire
  • Tara Trahey (Duke): Visualizing an Iconographic Network between Athens and Vulci in the Sixth Century B.C.E.
  • Molly Pryzwansky (Duke and NC State): The Art of Suetonius’ Nero: Focus, (In)Consistency and Character
  • Lindsey Mazurek (Duke): Intersections: Gender and Context in the Expression of Isiac Identity
  • William Johnson co-organized an SCS seminar, “Ancient Literacy Reprised” and served as panel chair for a session on “Ancient Books”

Below: A slideshow of various pictures from the conference.

    • Dr. Boatwright at the AIA/SCS Conference in New Orleans
    • Chris Parslow (Duke Alumni) and Ron Mellor (Friend of the CLST Dept.)
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Duke Professor Emeritus Francis Newton gave a Montague Rhodes Memorial Lecture on "Paucissimi sed Pretiosissimi: Manuscript Treasures in Beneventan Script in Scottish Libraries" at Aberdeen University in December 2014.

In December 2014 Duke Professor Emeritus Francis Newton and Leiden University Professor, F. Erik Kwakkel gave a joint lecture at York University.

In October and November 2014 there was a Traces of the Past: An Exhibition on Archaeology/Technology/Imagery in the Smith Warehouse, Bays 10 & 11.


In November 2014 Professor, Emeritus Francis Newton gave the Virginia Brown Memorial Lecture on 'Lucius Triumphs Over His Fortune' (Met.11.15): Apuleius' Extraordinary Texts and the Extraordinary Monte Cassino Manuscripts That Saved Them For Civilization at the Texts and Contexts annual conference held on the campus of the Ohio State University.


Honoring Diskin Clay, 1938-2014

We regret to announce the passing of our esteemed and beloved friend and colleague, Diskin Clay. A symposium honoring Diskin was held on November 8th in the Goodson Chapel. His obituary sketches out some of his many accomplishments. Condolences may be sent to his wife, .

Symposium Program

Below: The late Duke Professor, Diskin Clay in Athens, Greece during his late 20's.

    • clay 341x233
  • Acropolis
  • Paestum 1
  • pottery
  • site
  • papyrus
  • Pompeii 1
  • Rome
  • Roman Forum 1
  • dig in azoria crete in 2013
  • elizabethrudisill knossos
  • Agrigento 2
  • Pantheon 2
  • Trench tour at Azoria, 2013
  • Pompeii 2
  • Hadrian's Villa 2
  • p70609351
  • Kathy Chu, Propylaea
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Theater at Segesta
  • Agrigento 3
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Augustus Swoon
  • Morgantina 1
  • Jake 2
  • barbara blachut dig in azoria crete in 2013
  • Jake 1
  • Morgantina 2
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Canopus Hadrian's Villa
  • Paestum 2
  • Hadrian's Villa 1