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The Department of Classical Studies at Duke embraces the languages and literatures, archaeology and material culture, and histories of the Greek, Roman, and late antique pasts. Classical Studies, inherently inter-disciplinary, encourages serious engagement with our complex past and its place in the present and for the future. Students develop broad knowledge while cultivating cross-cultural fluency and critical intellectual skills and methodological strategies. The requirements of the two majors, Classical Civilizations and Classical Languages, convey the disciplinary coherence of the field, yet are flexible enough to allow students to develop their own interests while progressing through their studies.

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New Duke Signature Series Course:

CLST 275: Democracy: Ancient and Modern
Professor Jed Atkins

What light can Athenian democracy, as conceived and practiced 2500 years ago, shed on our own? Topics include freedom, equality, rights; citizenship; constitutions and institutions; decision-making; rhetoric; foreign policy; corruption; religion; and hope.  Special guests will help relate expert knowledge to real-world experience.

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Below: Prof. Jed Atkins discussing his upcoming course CLST 275 (Democracy: Ancient and Modern) for SP15 (T/TH 1:25-2:40)

Fall 2014 News:

In November 2014 Professor, Emeritus Francis Newton gave the Virginia Brown Memorial Lecture on 'Lucius Triumphs Over His Fortune' (Met.11.15): Apuleius' Extraordinary Texts and the Extraordinary Monte Cassino Manuscripts That Saved Them For Civilization at the Texts and Contexts annual conference held on the campus of the Ohio State University.

In October 2104 Visiting Assistant Professor Emily Jusino presented A Multiplicity of Voices: Theseus in Oedipus at Colonus at the Ancient Drama in Performance III conference at Randolph College.

In October 2014 Professor Carla Antonaccio gave the Zarbin Annual Lecture in the Department of Classics at Dartmouth College, speaking about " How Greek is Greek Art? Originals, Mashups, and Identity in the Past”.

In September 2014 Professor Clare Woods presented “Mapping the Dynamic Circulation of Books and Ideas in Ninth-Century Europe” at the Historical Network Research Conference 2014 in Ghent, Belgium. Her paper is the first featured under "A very short selection of projects" on a blog, Digital Intellectuals, extolling the conference.

Congratulations to Katie Langenfeld for winning the President's Award for Best Graduate Student Paper from the Classical Association of the Midwest and South-Southern Section.  She gave "Challenging the 'Conspiracy of Silence': Historical Memory, Usurpers, and the Imperial Biographies of the Historia Augusta," on October 17, 2014 at CAMWS-SS Meeting in Fredericksburg, VA. Great job, Katie!

Below: Current Graduate student, Katie exploring the remains of the Colosseum in Rome, July 2012, while on the American Academy's Classical Summer School program.

    • katie langenfeld

Below: The on-going Duke in Crete summer archaeological fieldschool in Azoria, Crete. Applications for 2015 open soon.

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    • barbara blachut dig in azoria crete in 2013 1
    • dig in azoria crete in 2013
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    • barbara blachut dig in azoria crete in 2013
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Below: Meet CLST's newest tenure-track faculty member, Assistant Professor Alicia Jiménez, in the profile on Duke Today (9/29/14)!

    • jimenez nashermuseum

Below: The Department's Global offerings (Duke in Rome, the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, and Duke in Crete) attracted many students at Duke's Global Education Fair on September 16, 2014.

    • globaledfair580

Previous News:

Professor William Johnson, currently teaching at Duke Kunshan University in its inaugural year and the Chair of Faculty at DKU, spoke at DKU's convocation on August 20, 2014.

Don Byrne, BA Classical Studies 1991, rediscovers the Golden Age in rural North Carolina.

News from Duke in Tuscany (Summer 2014), directed by William and Sue Gross Professor Maurizio Forteintact Etruscan tomb digitally recorded.

Graduate Student Cliff Robinson wins the 2014 Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

View senior double major Phil Watson's An Iliad - his Theater major senior project, performed in February 2014.

Professor Tolly Boatwright on "The State of Things" (2/7/14) on Celebrity Boxing and Bread and Circuses.

Associate Professor Joshua Sosin in the Chronicle of Higher Education; Duke papyri in the local news.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supports new Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing. Check out the DC3 blog.

Assistant Professor Jed Atkins and Associate Professor Josh Sosin receive Mellon Humanities Writ Large funding for Emerging Network on "Democracy and Law: Ancient and Modern".

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Upcoming Fall 2014 Events:

October 12 to November 30, 2014

What: Traces of the Past: An Exhibition on Archaeology/Technology/Imagery
When: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm
Where: Smith Warehouse, Bays 10 & 11


    • Traces of the Past

December 4, 2014

What: Montague Rhodes James Memorial Lecture by Duke Professor, Emeritus Francis Newton on "Paucissimi sed Pretiosissimi: Manuscript Treasures in Beneventan Script in Scottish Libraries."
Where: Aberdeen University

December 5, 2014

What: Joint lecture by Duke Professor, Emeritus Francis Newton and Leiden University Professor, F. Erik Kwakkel.
Where: York University

Previous Fall 2014 Events:

The fall Classical Pedagogy Colloquium, a joint venture of the Duke University and University of North Carolina departments of Classical Studies, took place on November 15th in Murphey Hall at UNC Chapel Hill. This event, aimed primarily at current graduate students but open to all faculty and graduate students in Classics and related fields, focused on the practice of teaching Classics at the post-secondary level,  the transition from graduate studies to faculty positions, and the professional development undertaken by new faculty to balance research and teaching responsibilities. Guest speakers Dr. Laury Ward (PhD, Duke; Assistant Professor, Hillsdale College) and Dr. Ted Gellar-Goad (PhD, UNC; Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University) shared their recent work and participated in panel discussions with the attendees.


Below: Germano-Roman relief showing a school (from Shakko/Wikipedia)

    • 640px roman school

Honoring Diskin Clay, 1938-2014

We regret to announce the passing of our esteemed and beloved friend and colleague, Diskin Clay. A symposium honoring Diskin was held on November 8th in the Goodson Chapel. His obituary sketches out some of his many accomplishments. Condolences may be sent to his wife, .

Symposium Program

Below: The late Duke Professor, Diskin Clay in Athens, Greece during his late 20's.

    • clay 341x233

On November 7th, the 2012-13 Wylie Prize Winner, Brett Rushforth hosted a roundtable in 011 Old Chem Building.


Below: From Space to Place Initiative: The Age of Sensing, Fifth Annual International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology (October 13 to 15, 2014 at Duke University). Find out more Poster

Egbert Bakker (Yale), "In and Out of the Golden Age: A Hesiodic Reading of theOdyssey" (With sponsorship from Humanities Writ Large, Subnature and Culinary Culture project; Wed. 10/1/14)

Gregor Kalas (Tennessee), "Visualizing Statues in the Late Antique Roman Forum" (Sponsored with CLAS; Mon. 9/29/14)

Barbara W. Boyd (Bowdoin College; NHC), “Repeat after Me: Ovid's Revisions of a Homeric Tale (The Loves of Venus and Mars in Ars amatoria 2 and Metamorphoses 4)” (Mon. 9/22/14)

2013-14 Retrospective:

April 10, 2014: Reading the Past: Mind, Brain, and Archaeology Workshop co-organized by Maurizio Forte, and including talks by Forte and Carla Antonaccio.

Spring 2014 Classical Studies Drama Series:

Matthew Farmer (March 5); David Jacobson (March 19); Eric Dugdale (April 2.)

Duke/UNC Graduate Pedagogy Colloquium (3/14):  

Details on the collaborative and inaugural Duke/UNC-CH Graduate Workshop in Classics Pedagogy (March 2014) are at:sites.duke.edu/classicspedagogy/

Other Talks:

Ben Keim (Pomona), "Honor and the "Other" in Herodotus' Histories" (Feb. 2014).  

Elsa Bouchard, "Aristotle and Graphic Arts" (March 2014)

Late Ancient Studies

Archaeological Institute of America 

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