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Classical Studies Graduate Students win Fellowship competitions

April 2014 The following Classical Studies Graduate Students have won competitive fellowships at Duke for 2014-15:

Katie Langenfeld, Julian Price History/Humanities Fellowship
John Aldrup-MacDonald, Summer Research Fellowship
Rob Dudley, Summer Research Fellowship
Joanne Fairhurst-Maggard, Summer Research Fellowship
Ted Graham, Summer Research Fellowship
Katie Langenfeld, Summer Research Fellowship
Cliff Robinson, Summer Research Fellowship
Tim Shea, Summer Research Fellowship
Mack Zalin, Summer Research Fellowship

ClSt Graduate Student Cliff Robinson wins the 2014 Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching

March 2014 Our own Cliff Robinson has won the University teaching award for graduate instructors!

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Graduate Students team with UNC to host an innovative graduate conference focused on Classics pedagogy

March 28-30 at Duke and UNC. For details visit: sites.duke.edu/classicspedagogy/

Workshop Schedule:  sites.duke.edu/classicspedagogy/tentative-schedule/

Student organizers Cliff Robinson and Erika Weinberg (UNC) received a $5,000 grant from the Keenan-Biddle Fund to support this innovative conference. On the Duke side of the planning committee were Tripp Young and Mack Zalin, but almost all the Duke ClSt students were collaboratively involved in the conception of and arrangements for the conference.

CAMWS Papers Accepted

January 2014 Classical Studies graduate students Tripp Young, Mack Zalin, and John Aldrup-MacDonald will be presenting papers at the annual CAMWS meeting in Waco, Texas, in April 2014.

Tripp Young will speak on "Delphi in Plato's Laws" 

Mac Zalin will speak on  "The Dichotomy of Classical Antiquity in Viaggio in Italia"

John Aldrup-MacDonald will speak on "Peasant and Power in Souk-el-Khmis: the Imperial Archive in CIL VIII 10570"

Graduate Student Papers accepted for APA/AIA and AHA

The following students will be giving papers at the APA/AIA meetings in Chicago in January 2014:

Rob Dudley,  "How did People Back Then Understand This?," APA panel on the oral benefits of Latin 

Katie Langenfeld, "The Circulation of the Historia Augusta: Reconsidering its Anonymity"

Meanwhile, over in Washington DC, Tim Shea will be presenting his paper, "Drunken Celts: Wine Consumption and the Barbarian in Ancient Historiography"  at the American Historical Association 

National Fellowship Awards for summer research

Winter 2013. Classical Studies graduate student Rob Dudley has won two national competitions in support of his summer work at the American Academy at Rome: Eta Sigma Phi Scholarship (declined), and the CAMWS Mary A. Grant Award  (accepted).
Jessica Vahl was awarded a fellowship in suport of her participation in the  Vienna International Summer University / Scientific World Conceptions 2013 “Climate Studies” Program. 

Classical Studies Graduate Students win Fellowship competitions

December 2012 The following Classical Studies Graduate Students have won competitive fellowships at Duke for 2013-2014:
Joanne Fairhurst,  David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library Archival Processing Fellowship
Jessica Vahl, ClSt Competitive Teaching Fellowship
Cliff Robinson, ClSt Competitive Teaching Fellowship
Young Kim, Summer Research Fellowship, 
Cliff Robinson, Summer Research Fellowship, 
Tim Shea, Summer Research Fellowship, 
John Smith-MacDonald, Summer Research Fellowship, 

CAMWS-SS Papers Accepted

Classical Studies graduate students Mack Zalin and John Smith-MacDonald will be giving papers at the CAMWS-SS conference in November 2012

Mack's paper:  "Towards a model of climatic and geographic determinism in Thucydides’ Archaeology: an intertextual approach."
John's paper: "Thucydides on Democratic Epigraphic Habits."

New Classical Studies PhD wins ACLS Fellowship Award

Feb. 2012. Recent Classical Studies PhD Alex Loney has won the New Faculty Fellowship Award from the American Council of Learned Societies

Classical Studies Graduate Student wins Fay Horton Sawyier Fellowship

February 2012 - Joseph Miller has won an external award for the final year of his dissertation work: the Fay Horton Sawyier Pre-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago

Classical Studies Graduate Students win big in Fellowship competitions

December 2012 The following Classical Studies Graduate Students have won competitive fellowships at Duke for 2012-2013:

  • Robinson, Clifford Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Fellowship
  • Vahl, Jessica International Research Travel Fellowship
  • Fairhurst, Joanne Duke Library archives internship Fellowship
  • Langenfeld, Kathryn Ann Pre-Dissertation and Dissertation Research
  • Fairhurst, Joanne Pre-Dissertation and Dissertation Research
  • Vahl, Jessica Pre-Dissertation and Dissertation Research
  • Dudley, Robert Summer Research Fellowship
  • Fairhurst, Joanne Summer Research Fellowship
  • Graham, Theodore Summer Research Fellowship
  • Griffin, Daniel Summer Research Fellowship
  • Hoffman, Jesse Summer Research Fellowship
  • Vahl, Jessica Summer Research Fellowship

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