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In September 2014 Professor Clare Woods presented “Mapping the Dynamic Circulation of Books and Ideas in Ninth-Century Europe” at the Historical Network Research Conference 2014 in Ghent, Belgium. Her paper is the first featured under "A very short selection of projects" on a blog, Digital Intellectuals, extolling the conference.

Professor William Johnson, currently teaching at Duke Kunshan University in its inaugural year and the Chair of Faculty at DKU, spoke at DKU's convocation on August 20, 2014.

Don Byrne, BA Classical Studies 1991, rediscovers the Golden Age in rural North Carolina.

News from Duke in Tuscany (Summer 2014), directed by William and Sue Gross Professor Maurizio Forteintact Etruscan tomb digitally recorded.

Graduate Student Cliff Robinson wins the 2014 Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

View senior double major Phil Watson's An Iliad - his Theater major senior project, performed in February 2014.

Professor Tolly Boatwright on "The State of Things" (2/7/14) on Celebrity Boxing and Bread and Circuses.

Associate Professor Joshua Sosin in the Chronicle of Higher Education; Duke papyri in the local news.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation supports new Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing. Check out the DC3 blog.

Assistant Professor Jed Atkins and Associate Professor Josh Sosin receive Mellon Humanities Writ Large funding for Emerging Network on "Democracy and Law: Ancient and Modern".

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CLST Graduate Student Cliff Robinson wins the 2014 Dean's Award for Excellence in Teaching

Our own Cliff Robinson has won the University teaching award for graduate instructors!

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Professor Lawrence Richardson Jr. 1920-2013

We regret to announce the passing of our incomparable friend and colleague

Below: Professor Lawrence Richardson Jr. receives a copy of his most recent book: The American Academy 1947-54.  Reopening & Reorientation: A Personal Reminiscence.  His former student and editor, Harry B. Evans, hand-carried it from New York City to present it on 12/4/12 - two days after Prof. Richardson's 92nd birthday! 

    • Harry Evans and Larry Richardson
    • Photo Credit: Photo by T. Boatwright

Prof. Emeritus Lawrence Richardson, jr wins AIA Gold Medal  for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement

The award was presented on January 6, 2012 at the Annual Meeting of the AIA in Philadelphia. Professor Tolly Boatwright accepted on behalf of Professor Lawrence Richardson.

The Gold Medal is an annual award, "in recognition of a scholar who has made distinguished contributions to archaeology through his or her fieldwork, publications, and/or teaching". The medal and a citation documented Professor Richardson's achievements. A colloquium in honor of Professor Richardson was been organized for that morning, with Duke alum Professor Christopher Parslow and Professor Boatwright, among others, presenting papers.

ACLS Fellowship Award

February 2012, recent Classical Studies PhD Alex Loney has won the New Faculty Fellowship Award from the American Council of Learned Societies, for two years at Yale University.

Classical Studies Graduate Students win big in Fellowship competitions

December 2011 The following Classical Studies Graduate Students have won competitive fellowships at Duke for 2012-2013:

  • Robinson, Clifford Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Fellowship
  • Vahl, Jessica International Research Travel Fellowship
  • Fairhurst, Joanne Duke Library archives internship Fellowship
  • Langenfeld, Kathryn Ann Pre-Dissertation and Dissertation Research
  • Fairhurst, Joanne Pre-Dissertation and Dissertation Research
  • Vahl, Jessica Pre-Dissertation and Dissertation Research
  • Dudley, Robert Summer Research Fellowship
  • Fairhurst, Joanne Summer Research Fellowship
  • Graham, Theodore Summer Research Fellowship
  • Griffin, Daniel Summer Research Fellowship
  • Hoffman, Jesse Summer Research Fellowship
  • Vahl, Jessica Summer Research Fellowship

February 2012 - Joseph Miller has won an external award for the final year of his dissertation work: the Fay Horton Sawyier Pre-Doctoral Teaching Fellowship at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago

"Rome Wasn't Digitized in a Day": Building a Cyberinfrastructure for Digital Classicists

The Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri and the Integrating Digital Papyrology project have received excellent and detailed coverage in this new landmark CLIR Report.

Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies

Duke University Libraries hosts the new Open Journal Systems installation of GRBS

Senior Thesis Symposium, 2011

Our majors Graduating with Distinction met for a symposium celebrating the completion of their Senior Theses. Each of our five ST writers gave a short presentation on her or his work, then answered questions from the audience.  This was a great chance to learn about the questions our most ambitious undergraduates had posed to antiquity--such as, were there banks in antiquity, and if so, how did they function?--and  about the fascinating answers they found!

Our Senior Thesis writers and their thesis titles:

Susan Foster,  Ancient Social Networks: the Effects of Friendship and  Business Relationships on the Athenian Law Courts

Leigh Carter Herbert, Credit and Crisis in Ancient Rome

Amol Sura, Rhetoric, Tradition, and Socio-Cultural Context in Soranus’ Gynecology

Andrew Tharler, Finding the Founder: (Re)Inventing Aeneas

 Paul Tran, Scipio and Hannibal in the Second Punic War: Archetypes of Generalship within Livy and Vegetius

Classical Studies on television - Mary T. Boatwright

January 2011

On January 25 at 5:00, the National Geographic Channel aired, "When Rome Ruled: Ancient Superpower" featuring ClSt professor Tolly Boatwright. For the relevant clip see this Duke on Demand video:


And for an overview of the program see:


Classical Studies in the News

An article in the January 2011 Duke Magazine investigates the state of the Humanities, and highlights comments by ClSt professors Peter Burian and William Johnson.

Renovation Project by Robert J. Bliwise-January/February 2011

Check out this digest of an article in the News & Observer, Nov. 17, 2010, on the latest classical antiquities exhibition at the Nasher -- put together by our Classic students under the supervision of Carla Antonaccio.

[Nasher] Museum as Classroom

Joshua Sosin wins $958,000 Mellon Grant

December 2010 

ClSt professor Josh Sosin, as PI (with Deborah Jakubs), has been awarded a grant of $958,000 by the A. W. Mellon Foundation in support of the completion of an online editing environment for three integrated databases of papyri, "Integrating Digital Papyrology," the continuation of an important international collaborative project. Josh will give a talk on this project in the ClSt brown-bag colloquium series in February.

Homeric Rhapsodies

In December 2010, Undergraduate majors Kathryn Hutchins, Michael Betts, Tara McKenna, and Darius Brown recently met for some Homeric rhapsodizing, in which they recited verses from Homer's Iliad. The group also experimented with setting the verses to song, making use of an interesting inscription from Epidaurus that gives a melody line for hexameter recitation. (Picture below: part of William Jonnson's Greek 103 class.)

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