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The Department of Classical Studies encourages majors to study abroad in their junior year; there is no better way to understand the totality of antiquity. The department supports the following programs:

  • Greece: College Year in Athens (one or two semesters, or summer). The CYA serves approximately 100 students and offers numerous courses in archaeology, eastern Mediterranean studies (ancient and modern), both ancient and modern Greek, advanced Latin, Byzantine history, and modern economics and politics. Arcadia University (one or two semesters, or summer). Arcadia normally serves fewer than 20 students and offers a small but tailored selection of courses in ancient history and art and archaeology, ancient and modern Greek.
  • Italy: The Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome (one semester only, Spring or Fall). The "Centro" is administered by Duke University; students take a double course on the history, topography, and monuments of Rome, and three other courses (Latin, Greek, Renaissance and Baroque Art History, and/or Elementary Italian). The program includes visits to the major archaeological sites and museums with wider-ranging trips to Campania, Tuscany and Sicily. Duke students have also enjoyed semesters in Rome, studying in programs offered by Temple University and Trinity College, both of which explore the rich history of Rome and Roman civilization (neither offers Greek). This is under Duke University management, with ICCS representative . ICCS information also available from: Office of Global Education for Undergraduates PO Box 90057 TEL. 919-684-2174. E-mail: .

The costs of attending these programs are comparable to those for a semester at Duke, and financial assistance is available. All courses are taught in English, and courses in classical studies, Greek, and Latin count toward the departmental majors. In addition, all programs take numerous field trips to the ancient sites and museums.


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