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Duke-UNC: Consortium for Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology

Located only ten miles apart in the central piedmont of North Carolina, Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill together employ one of the largest concentrations of archaeologists in the United States, distributed in departments of classics or classical studies, art history, religious studies, and anthropology. The Consortium for Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology encourages collaboration that enhances archaeology curricula and concentrations in the respective departments. The Consortium fosters an interdisciplinary dialogue on methods, theory, and practice in classical archaeology and material culture, provides students access to seminars, excavations, and other research opportunities, academic advising, and develops avenues for curricular and extra-curricular interaction.

Students in graduate programs at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and at Duke University follow separate degree tracks in their respective departments.  As members of the consortium graduate group, students may take any number of courses and seminars outside of their department and college within the limitations of their own degree program requirements; they may seek thesis and dissertation advising across departments and universities; and are encouraged to develop their program of study and research to integrate appropriate fields of study and areas of specialization not represented in their home department, in consultation with the appropriate advisors and directors of graduate study.

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Antonaccio and Forte both secureMellon funding for integrating archaeology fieldwork through vertically integrated teams

Duke in Tuscany (info session on summer 2014)

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  • Morgantina 1
  • Acropolis
  • Rome
  • dig in azoria crete in 2013
  • Hadrian's Villa 2
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  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Canopus Hadrian's Villa
  • Agrigento 2
  • elizabethrudisill knossos
  • barbara blachut dig in azoria crete in 2013
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  • Agrigento 3
  • Morgantina 2
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Theater at Segesta
  • papyrus
  • Pantheon 2
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Augustus Swoon
  • Paestum 2
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  • Pompeii 2
  • Trench tour at Azoria, 2013
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  • Roman Forum 1
  • Kathy Chu, Propylaea
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  • Hadrian's Villa 1
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