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Summer I 2015

Course Title Instructor Section Time Room
Birth Of Reason Ancient Greece Ferejohn, Michael 01 12:00 AM-12:00 AM TBA

Course Description

A study of the Classical Greeks' pronounced emphasis on the rational aspect of human nature, which enabled them to lay the foundations for subsequent intellectual developments in western thought. The Athenian Empire as a case study for an investigation of the five major ancient ethical systems. Taught only in the Duke Greece Summer Study Abroad program. Instructor: Ferejohn
Intermediate Latin Kim, Young E 01 MTuWThF 11:00 AM-12:15 PM Allen 306

Course Description

Politics and thought in the late Republic: Caesar and Cicero. Instructor: Boatwright or Staff

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  • Rome
  • Hadrian's Villa 2
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Theater at Segesta
  • Roman Forum 1
  • Agrigento 2
  • p70609351
  • Kathy Chu, Propylaea
  • Jake 1
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Augustus Swoon
  • Paestum 2
  • Acropolis
  • papyrus
  • dig in azoria crete in 2013
  • elizabethrudisill knossos
  • TaraLynnMcKenna_Canopus Hadrian's Villa
  • Pantheon 2
  • Trench tour at Azoria, 2013
  • Morgantina 1
  • Hadrian's Villa 1
  • Morgantina 2
  • site
  • Pompeii 1
  • pottery
  • Pompeii 2
  • barbara blachut dig in azoria crete in 2013
  • Jake 2
  • Agrigento 3
  • Paestum 1