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Blue Devil days night at the Nasher

Graduating senior majors Mesha Sloss, Darius Brown, and Samantha Hall re-created some of  the characters of Plautus' Roman comedy Mostellaria  in order to welcome newly admitted students to Duke.  The group outlined the benefits of a Classical Studies major or minor to this latest crop of Blue Devils.

    • Blue Devil Days Nasher Museum April 2013

 Homeric Rhapsodies

Undergraduate majors Kathryn Hutchins, Michael Betts, Tara McKenna, and Darius Brown recently met for some Homeric rhapsodizing, in which they recited verses from Homer's Iliad. The group also experimented with setting the verses to song, making use of an interesting inscription from Epidaurus that gives a melody line for hexameter recitation. (Picture below: part of William Jonnson's Greek 103 class.)

    • Homeric rhapsodies

See the recent News and Observer report on 'Containing Antiquity', the Nasher's latest exhibit of classical material, selected and catalogued by Duke undergraduates!

Cory Massaro, who graduated summa cum laude in 2010 with a double major in Classical Languages and English, and who won the Classical Studies Departmental Translation Prize, included in his Honors Thesis numerous poems translating and/or re-interpreting Greek and Latin poetry.  Two are linked here, one after Catullus 63 and the other a translation of Homer's Odyssey IX.23-50.

Inspired by a semester abroad at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome, Amol Sura (Classical Civilization major, 2011) has published a paper in Vertices, Duke's undergraduate journal of science and technology. See Amol's paper on Rome's Cloaca Maxima and disease in the ancient city.

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