CLST 89S First-Year Seminar: The Ancient Mind (Seminar)

Understanding who we are now demands understanding where we came from. The study of the ancient mind is thus one of the most challenging and fascinating research activities regarding Homo sapiens and human society. This kind of study requires a multidisciplinary approach to involve different disciplines and research backgrounds relevant to understanding how ancient minds thought about the world. This can be possible with a new dialogue between neurosciences and the humanities, and in particular connecting the study of art and material culture with cultural models, cultural patterns and the evolution of the brain. The class aims to open new perspectives in the study of the past and in the interpretation of the ancient and modern mind by approaching research questions at the intersection of the brain sciences, humanities, archaeology, anthropology, art, philosophy, aesthetics and visual studies.


Day / Time: 

TuTh 01:25 PM-02:40 PM


Smith Wrhs A290


Forte, Maurizio