Ancient Mind: Neuroarcheology

Friday, November 9, 2018 - 3:00pm to 4:15pm

Lambros Malafouris
The East Duke Pink Parlor

Organized by our very own, Maurizio Forte:

Please join the Neurohumanities Research Group and the Mellon Humanities Futures “Ancient Mind: Neuroarcheology” working group for the rescheduled visit of Lambros Malafouris, Friday November 9 from 3-4:15. Dr. Malafouris is a Research and Teaching Fellow in Creativity, Cognition and Material Culture, and Tutor in archaeology, anthropology, and human evolution at Keble College at Oxford. His research draws on Archaeology, Anthropology, Neuroscience, Literature and Geography to explore the archaeology of mind, the philosophy and semiotics of material culture, and the anthropology of the brain-artefact interface. With Colin Renfrew, he has partnered on the development of Material Engagement Theory (MET) and the research field of ‘neuroarchaeology’. Malafouris studies the constitutive intertwining of the mind with the material world in the functional architecture and evolution of human intelligence. For instance, what implications follow the seemingly unique human predisposition to reconfigure our bodies and extend our senses by using tools and material culture? What can we learn about human Cognitive and Sensory Enhancement (CSE) by looking at the origin of Homo sapiens and the emergence of ‘modern’ human intelligence? The author of How Things Shape the Mind, Material Agency, The Sapient Mind, and The Cognitive Life of Things, Malafouris has also contributed many ground-breaking articles, and is cited in articles on topics as diversity as brain plasticity and the Anthropocene. See the poster below for a description of his Duke intervention.

***Dr. Malafouris will also hold office hours from 1-2 pm in 112 Languages for faculty or students who would like to drop in to speak with him.***

Maurizio Forte