Kent J. Rigsby

Kent J. Rigsby

Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies

External address: 
15 Estrella Ave, Piedmont, CA 94611
Internal office address: 
Box 90103, Durham, NC 27708-0103
(773) 612-4739

Hellenistic world, Roman Empire; religion, historical geography; epigraphy, numismatics

Education & Training:

  • M.A., University of Toronto (Canada) 1968

  • B.A., Yale University 1966

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Rigsby, KJ. "Cnossus and Capua." TAPA 106 (1976): 313-330. (Academic Article)

Rigsby, KJ. "A Hellenistic Inscription from Bargylia." GRBS 16 (1975): 403-409. (Academic Article)

Rigsby, KJ. "Bibliography of the Works of C. Bradford Welles." AmerStudPap 1 (January 1966): ix-xxii. (Academic Article)