Laura Suzanne Lieber

Laura Suzanne Lieber

Professor of Religious Studies

(919) 660-3504

My primary area of research is in the area of synagogue poetry ("piyyut") from Late Antiquity and the Byzantine period. I examine these works from a variety of perspectives, including literary, performative, and comparative (particularly with early Christian hymnography in Syriac and Greek), and also as a genre of early Jewish biblical interpretation. In recent years, I have begun to integrate the study of material culture into my analysis of these literary works, as part of taking a more fully "contextual" approach to literary analysis. My most recent work approaches late ancient hymnography through the lens of theater studies and performance.

Education & Training:

  • Ph.D., The University of Chicago 2003

  • M.A., Hebrew Union College 1998

  • B.A., University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 1994

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