Peter H. Burian

Peter H. Burian

Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies

External address: 
233A Allen Bldg, Durham, NC 27708
Internal office address: 
Box 90103, Durham, NC 27708-0103
(919) 684-2005

Greek literature, particularly drama; theory and practice of literary translation; reception of Greco-Roman antiquity in later thought and arts

Education & Training:

  • Ph.D., Princeton University 1971

  • M.S., Princeton University 1968

  • B.A., University of Michigan at Ann Arbor 1964

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Peter Burian, . "Pelasgus and Politics in Aeschylus' Danaid Trilogy." Wiener Studien 8 (1974): 5-14. (Academic Article)

Peter Burian, . "Supplication and Hero Cult in Sophocles' Ajax." Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 13 (1972): 151-156. (Academic Article)