Undergraduate Research

Katherine and Cordelia at the closing reception overlooking the Parthenon
Paideia Institute's Living Greek in Greece Program
Selianitika, Greece
Gretchen Wright at the Vatican Film Library taking notes on her findings and sporting some school spirit. Let's go Duke!
Suetonius’ De vita caesarum at the Vatican Film Library
Saint Louis University
Documentarian and Writer for the Vulci 3000 Archaeological Excavations
Vulci, Italy
Translating statue bases at the Epigraphical Museum
Digital Athens
Athens, Greece
Uncovering tubuli in a new trench
Second Century Roman Bath Site in Cifali
Ragusa, Sicily, Italy
Working in the lab (from left to right; top: Alessandro Conti and Helen Healey, bottom: Rita Solazzo and Stephanie Idlebird-Rive
Documentary Filmmaker for an Archaeological Excavation
Vulci, Italy
Latin Immersion by Salvi: The North American Institute of Living Latin Studies
Claymont Mansion in Charles Town, West Virginia
Gabi in front of the Sterling Memorial Library, where she spent the bulk of her time at Yale.
Papyrology Research
Yale University
Inessa Chandra
Sondor Bioarchaeology Field School
Sondor, Peru
Excavation at Vulci, Italy
Excavation at Vulci, Italy
Vulci, Italy
Lauren Pederson
Excavation at Renieblas & National Archaeological Museum
Renieblas, Spain
Showing some Duke spirit at the gate to St. Hugh's!
Examined and contextualized ancient Greco-Roman art and architecture
Oxford, England
The Inscription of Allia Potestas
Contextualize the artifacts in their original setting in Rome & Perugia
Rome and Perugia, Italy
Sepulchral inscription of Allia Potestas (1st–4th century CE)
Research on Latin inscriptions in Italy
Rome and Perugia, Italy
A normal day of excavation
Duke's Vulci Excavation
Vulci, Italy
Photographing Greek inscriptions on grave markers in the Kerameikos district of Athens.
Attending the Living in Greece Program
Selianitika, Greece
Elizabeth Djinis in Oxford, England
Conducted senior thesis research in Oxford, England
Oxford, England