Ph.D. Requirements

Ph.D. Requirements

  • Courses, typically eighteen over the course of five semesters
  • Qualifying Examinations
    • Reading List Examinations in Greek and Latin
    • Reading proficiency examinations in French/Italian and German
  • Preliminary Examination comprising:
    • General examinations designed to test breadth of knowledge of classical antiquity
    • Special examinations on specialized knowledge of a particular corpus of texts (the "Special Author" examination) and a particular area of discipline (the "Special Field examination)
  • Dissertation & Dissertation defense


Additional components

As an introduction to teaching and as part of their stipend package, students will serve as Graders/Teaching Assistants one semester in both their second and third years. Further, as part of their package of financial support, students will serve as instructors in undergraduate courses, usually one each term during the fourth and fifth years. Our students typically teach courses in beginning Greek or beginning to intermediate Latin, and courses in Greek/Roman History or civilization as needed by the department. This teaching, which whenever possible will involve experience with both civilization and language courses, will be supervised by an experienced faculty member who will be available to help in the preparation and execution of the course and will observe, evaluate, and advise.


Typical Degree Progression

Year of Graduate Study Typical Student Activities/Milestones
Year 1
  • Coursework (Fall and Spring), as approved by the Director of Graduate Studies
  • Pass at least one of the Reading List Examinations and at least one Modern Language Examination
Year 2
  • Coursework (Fall and Spring), as approved by the Director of Graduate Studies
  • Pass the second Reading List Examination and the second Modern Language Examination
  • Teaching Assistantship
Year 3
  • Coursework (Fall), as approved by the Director of Graduate Studies
  • Pass Preliminary Examinations
  • Teaching Assistantship
Year 4
  • Submit dissertation prospectus for review and approval
  • Defend prospectus
  • Instructorship
Year 5 and beyond
  • Submit dissertation chapter(s) for review
  • Submit draft dissertation to Ph.D. committee
  • Defend dissertation (final exam)
  • Instructorship (Year 5)