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The Department of Classical Studies at Duke studies the languages, literatures, material culture, and histories of the Greek, Roman, and late antique pasts. Students develop broad knowledge of these classical pasts while cultivating cross-cultural fluency and the intellectual skills and methodological strategies of critical inquiry central to this inherently inter-disciplinary field. Classical Studies encourages serious engagement with the complexity of the past and evaluation of its place in the present. The requirements of the two majors convey the disciplinary coherence of the field, yet are flexible enough to allow students to develop their own interests as they progress through their course of study.

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Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Above is a scene from Blue Devil Days Night at the Nasher: Classical Studies majors Deborah Mayers (with our youngest budding classicist, Ian Mayers!), Phil Watson, and Barbara Blachut

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Please contact , the Director of Undergraduate Studies, if you have questions about the program or consult the webpages of the Department of Classical Studies; and the University's Official Schedule of Courses (ACES). 

Declaring a major or minor in Classical Studies contact:

The Academic Advising Center to fill out your long-range plan.
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  • HOURS: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm
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