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The research of the faculty is as diverse as the field of Classical Studies itself, and ranges from archaeological excavation to the study of ancient texts on papyrus and stone; from textual analysis and criticism of ancient literature to the study of ancient and medieval scripts and books; from Roman monuments to Greek pottery, ancient political theory to medieval manuscripts.


Carla M. Antonaccio (PhD, Princeton), Professor of Archaeology

Greek and Mediterranean archaeology, the Greek Iron Age, and archaic and classical Sicily and S. Italy. The archaeology of colonization; mortuary practices; hero cult



Jed Atkins (PhD, Cambridge) Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

Greek and Roman political philosophy and ethics, Latin literature, the
history of political thought, Patristics, Cicero



Mary T. Boatwright (PhD, University of Michigan), Professor of Ancient History

Roman history, esp. of the imperial period; Roman women; Roman topography and urbanism; Latin historiography; Latin epigraphy



Peter Burian (PhD, Princeton), Professor of Classical and Comparative Literatures, and Theater Studies

Classical drama, especially fifth-century Athenian tragedy and comedy in their sociopolitical and historical contexts; Theory and practice of literary translation; Reception of Greco-Roman ideas and forms in later cultures



N. Gregson G. Davis (PhD, Univ. of California, Berkeley), Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities

Greek and Latin poetry; rhetoric; semiotics; Caribbean literature (francophone and anglophone)


Maurizio Forte (PhD, University of Rome "La Sapienza"), Professor of Classical and Visual Studies

Etruscan, Pre-Roman and Roman Archaeology, Virtual and Cyber-Archaeology, Archaeological Theory, Memetics, Neuro-Archaeology. Study of the early urban societies in the Mediterranean basin; archaeology and cultural transmission. 



José M. González (PhD, Princeton; PhD, Harvard), Assistant Professor of Classical Studies

Greek poetry (archaic to Hellenistic); ancient rhetoric and literary criticism; performance studies; Greek religion; historical linguistics; Greek dialects; ancient commentaries and scholia



Micaela W. Janan (PhD, Princeton), Professor of Classical Studies

Latin poetry of the late Republic and early Empire; gender and sexuality in the ancient world; critical and psychoanalytic theory


William A. Johnson (PhD, Yale), Professor of Classical Studies

Greek historiography; Greek and Roman literature and cultural history; ancient books and readers; ancient music; literary papyri



Joshua D. Sosin (PhD, Duke), Associate Professor of Classical Studies and History
Greek epigraphy and papyrology, religion, economics, law, numismatics, Latin and Greek

joshua DOT sosin AT duke DOT edu


J. Clare Woods (PhD, London), Associate Professor of Latin

Late and Medieval Latin Literature; early medieval homiletics, monastic culture; the history of the book; the Classical Tradition in literature, post-classical experiences of Rome and Italy, and the pre-modern in new media



Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies:

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All archaeological collections are now housed in the Nasher Museum of Art. The Duke Classical Collection was formed between 1964 and 2005; A Generation of Antiquities catalogs acquisitions to 2004. It accompanied a 1995 exhibit and was written by Professor D. Keith Stanley (now emeritus)  (c)1994, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine Studies).  In 2006 a generous donation to the new museum added some 224 works, mostly Greek.  This latter donation is cataloged in a collaborative project between faculty and students The Past is Present (Nasher Museum 2011).

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