Summer in Greece Changed the Direction of my Life

Tuesday, May 1, 2001
Reagan Baydoun Ruedig

Without a doubt, taking the summer session abroad to Greece affected the direction of my studies as well as my life. Visiting the ancient cities, walking through the architecture, and seeing the objects that I had studied so diligently in books and through photographs shifted my interest in Classical Greek art and archaeology into a desire to further my studies in graduate school. Though brief, I learned more in the month we spent traveling through Greece than I ever would have if traveling alone, and I made friendships that I never would have exclusively on campus. I returned to Greece the following 3 summers, traveling, studying, and working as an archaeologist. I eventually received a Master's degree in ancient Greek art history and archaeology, and I never would have continued in that direction had it not been for my inspiring professor, John Younger, supportive graduate students, and enthusiastic fellow students in that session abroad.  

Reagan Baydoun Ruedig, Duke 2001