Benedict Parfit, B.A. 2017

AVP, Underwriter, PartnerRe – Hamilton, Bermuda

2017 Major: Classical Studies; minor in Art History

How has being a Classical Studies graduate from Duke helped shape you personally and/or professionally?

"A Classical education from Duke was formational in preparing me for a career after graduating from Duke. The Duke Classics Faculty helped me to build on skills such as how to think and analyze on a micro level, allowing me to delve deep into words, grammar, and structure to understand subliminal messages whilst considering the broader context. Additionally, the Classics department provided excellent training skills that I now use on a daily basis, such as articulating ideas clearly through both oral and written communication. Studying the Classics has also made me a more open-minded, creative and curious person."

What advice would you give students in Duke's Classical Studies programs? 

"Take advantage of the various research and field work programmes available to students (from Bass Connections to inter-institutional courses at UNC Chapel Hill – notably the Azoria Project). Furthermore, as technology improves and progresses there will be increasing inter-disciplinary overlap. This will allow for interests such as computer science to be more regularly used in Classical Studies programmes."

Benedict Parfit