Archaeology Courses

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Number Title Codes Cross-Lists
CLST 139 Seven Wonders: Monuments and Cultures of the Ancient Mediterranean CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 139
CLST 141 Age of Warriors: Pre-Roman and Italian Archaeology CCI, CZ
CLST 144 Principles of Archaeology CCI, EI, CZ
CLST 199 Archaeology of Migration: Greeks, Roman, Egyptians, Etruscans CCI, CZ, SS
CLST 240L Virtual Museums: Theories and Methods of Twenty-First-Century Museums R, STS, ALP ARTHIST 305L
ISS 305L
VMS 332L
CLST 241 Etruscans: Myth, Archaeology and Civilization CCI, CZ ARTHIST 196
CLST 243S Representations of Women in the Classical World CCI, W, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 215S
VMS 209S
CLST 246 Roman Archaeology: Origins to Empire CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 246
CLST 248 Art and Archaeology of Ancient Athens CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 208
CLST 250 The Art of Greece and Rome CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 210
CLST 299L Introduction to Landscape Archaeology and Cultural Landscapes CCI, CZ SCISOC 299L
CLST 340A Rome: History of the City CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 209A
CLST 341A The Ancient City CCI
CLST 341A-1 Art and Archaeology CCI, ALP
CLST 341A-2 Political, Social, and Cultural Context CCI, CZ
CLST 343SA Conservation and Management of the Material Heritage CCI, CZ ARTHIST 343SA
CLST 344 Early Greek Archaeology: From the Fall of Mycenae to the Persian Wars CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 206
CLST 346S Classical Sculpture W, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 340S
CLST 348 Classical Greek Archaeology, Archaic to Classical CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 207
CLST 352 The Aegean Bronze Age CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 205
CLST 354 Roman Spectacle CCI, EI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 334
VMS 334
CLST 357 Roman Coinage: The Materiality of an Ancient Economy CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 347
CLST 540S Roman Coinage: The Materiality of the Roman Economy CCI, R, CZ ARTHIST 549S
CLST 542S Greek Art: Hellenistic to Roman CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 502S
CLST 543S The Archaeology of Death: Ritual and Social Structure in the Ancient World CCI, R, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 545S
CLST 544L Introduction to Digital Archaeology R, STS, CZ ARTHIST 547L
ISS 544L
CLST 546S Ancient Spain and Portugal: The Roman Provinces of the Iberian Peninsula CCI, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 503S
CLST 547S Roman Provincial Archaeology: The West CCI, R, ALP, CZ ARTHIST 520S
CLST 550 Principles of Pre-Roman and Etruscan Archaeology CCI, CZ
CLST 551S Principles of Roman Archaeology CCI, R, CZ ARTHIST 553S
CLST 553 Greek Archaeology Survey, Part 2 CCI, CZ
CLST 556SL Roman Topography: Urban Life and Cityscapes in Ancient Rome CCI, R, CZ, SS ARTHIST 560SL
CLST 558S Live Images: Ancient and Medieval Representations of the Divine CCI, W, ALP, CZ MEDREN 507S
VMS 533S
CLST 590S-1 Special Topics in Greek Archaeology ARTHIST 590S-11
CLST 590SL Special Topics in Roman Archaeology ARTHIST 590SL
CLST 744S Archaeology Seminar I (Topics)
CLST 748S Archaeology Seminar II (Topics)