Undergraduate Research

Faculty-mentored undergraduate research best exemplifies the value of a liberal-arts education. In Classical Studies, we teach students both what to learn and how to learn—how to frame questions and to determine the evidence needed for answers; how to find the patterns within that evidence and frame an argument based on them. And then, how to write it all up, clearly and persuasively.

There are a variety of paths to undergraduate research in the Department of Classical Studies:

  • CLST 493 Research Independent Study
  • CLST 480S Capstone Seminars in Classical Studies - The Capstone Seminar is required of all majors but open to any junior or senior. It is offered every spring and provides an excellent opportunity to engage in collaborative or solo research projects.
  • Graduation with Distinction - Many of our majors elect to pursue the two-semester option, writing a Senior Thesis with a view to Graduation with Distinction