Alumni News (2017-18)

Eric Adler, Ph.D. Classical Studies (2005)

"The big news for our family was the birth of our son Julian on July 28th, 2017. My wife and I have been having a great time taking care of him--and we're delighted that he's a good sleeper! My book *Classics, the Culture Wars, and Beyond* was published in late 2016 and I've also recently contributed to *The Ancient History Bulletin* and *Arion*. I'm currently at work on my next monograph."

Chad Austino, Ph.D. Classical Studies (2012)

"I returned home to the east coast after spending four years in Wisconsin where I taught anthropology at Carroll University and Roman history at UW-Milwaukee. I now teach classics (mostly Latin) at The Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, NY. "

Megan Drinkwater (Ottone), Ph.D. Classical Studies (2003)

"As of today (May 30) I am headed into a year of sabbatical! This will include some travel, especially to Rome, and finally finishing my book on Ovid's Heroides and the end of the republic."

Tom Elliott delivers "Pleiadic Gaze" paper in Bonn. Photo by Jonathan Prag

Tom Elliott, B.A. Classical Civilization (1989)

"I am now serving for a 10th year as Associate Director for Digital Programs at NYU's Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

"In fall 2017, I took an additional, one-term appointment as Adjunct Assistant Professor to co-teach (with Patrick Burns, Sebastian Heath, and David Ratzan) the second edition of ISAW's Graduate Seminar "Introduction to Digital Humanities for the Ancient World."

"In May, I delivered a public lecture at the École national des chartres in Paris, France entitled "The Pleiades gazetteer of ancient places: inventing an 'Un-GIS' and its uses. The École has placed a video of this lecture on-line at

"A week later, I delivered a paper in Bonn, Germany as part of the Presidential Panel at the 19th International Congress of Roman Archaeology. It was entitled "The Pleiadic Gaze: Looking at archaeology from the perspective of a digital gazetteer." The (uncorrected) text and slides are posted on my blog:"

Craig Gibson, Ph.D. Classical Studies (1995)

"I am working on a translation of two 11th-century Greek works that were translated from Syriac by Michael Andreopoulos, "The Book of Syntipas the Philosopher" and "The Fables of Syntipas," for DOML, with Jeffrey Beneker. I am beginning a term as department chair in the fall."

Alexander Loney, Ph.D. Classical Studies (2010)

"I have neglected far too long to provide an update for PHEME. I just finished my third year as an assistant professor at Wheaton College. We're a small department, so I end up teaching a bit of everything, from intro Latin and Apuleius to Homer and Herodotus. On the writing side, I have kept busy with two books about to come out, both with Oxford: The Oxford Handbook of Hesiod (co-edited by S. Scully, and with a chapter by José González)and a monograph, The Ethics of Revenge and the Meanings of the Odyssey. I'm exploring ideas for a second monograph project, possibly on ideas of hope and nostalgia.

"On the personal side, we had third kid since moving to Wheaton, so it's now Audra (7), Hope (5), and Neil (2)."

George Mellgard — Fushim Inari, Kyoto, Japan

George Mellgard, B.A. Classical Studies (2017)

"Since graduating in May of 2017, I have taken a gap year prior to entering medical school. I worked in care transitions and did research concerning Puerto Rican patients displaced by Hurricane Maria. Additionally, I ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon and spent six weeks traveling around the world. In August I will start at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. The skills I learned as a Classics major have remained relevant — whether it is discussing issues related medical ethics, identifying Roman glyptics and epitaphs at the Hermitage, or experiencing the history of different cultures. I am grateful to the Duke Classics Depetment for all the lessons and skills they imparted to me."


Elizabeth, Michael and Julia Moorman

Elizabeth Choy Moorman, B.A. Classical Civilization (1982)

Elizabeth and her husband of 33 years, Michael Moorman (BA EE-BME Duke ‘82), retired last fall to live aboard their sailboat, Gratitude. We’re looking forward to traveling more, especially to see our daughter, Julia, make her debut with the Frankfurt Opera Studio this August.

Charlie Muntz in Red Square

Charles Muntz, Ph.D. Classical Studies (2008)

"I had a very exciting year professionally, as the University of Arkansas promoted me to associate professor of ancient history with tenure. I also finished a new article, "The Argonautica of Diodorus Siculus," which will be appearing in a forthcoming issue of TAPA, and presented a paper on Sallust and Thucydides at the annual meeting of the SCS in Boston. To celebrate my successful year, I am taking a trip through northern Europe this summer, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, and Copenhagen."

Cord Peters at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi

Cord Peters, B.A. Classical Languages (2016)

"This past year, I commissioned as an officer in the US Navy and started medical school at Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, MD. I had an opportunity to travel to Greece for the first time in March with some of my fellow medical students. I visited the Oracle at Delphi, the Acropolis and archeological museums in Athens, the Lion Gate in Mycenae and the theater in Epidaurus, where I read a few lines of Sophocles' Antigone, which I read my junior year for Greek 203! It was incredible to see so many of the things I studied as a Classical Languages major!"

Eve Romersi, B.A. Classical Civilization (1985)

Happy Reunion with Eve Romersi and Professor Newton

"33 years after graduating with my degree in Classical Studies I had the great pleasure of reuniting with Professor Emeritus Francis Newton, one of my very first professors in Classical Studies and always one of my favorites. We had lunch and I introduced him to my son, Riccardo, now a sophomore at Duke who is dabbling in Classical Studies classes at Professor Newton's suggestion."

Tobenna (Toby) Ubu, B.A. Classical Civilization (2012)

Toby Ubu with the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

"I graduated from the University of Virginia School of Medicine in May of 2018! In it I was awarded the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine award awarded to one graduating student who demonstrates both clinical excellence and outstanding compassion in the delivery of care and who show respect for patients, their families, and healthcare colleagues!

"After the residency interview process, I matched into a residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Jackson Memorial/ University of Miami Medical Center, which I'll start at the end of June 2018. The funniest thing is that on my interview day at that program, I had the chance to explain my thesis on Aristotle and Natural Slavery that I worked with Professor Jed Atkins to complete! My interviewer was really excited by my perspective informed by the Classics!"