Placement for Latin & Greek

Placement for first-year Students with High School Latin

If you have at least three years of high school Latin and want or need a single refresher or preparatory course to transition to advanced (300-level) Latin, you are encouraged to take "Refresher Latin" (LATIN 251) which is designed specifically for you. If you wish to take Latin courses other than LATIN 251, read on below for placement information.

Placement Based on SAT/AP Test Scores

Students who have taken the Latin SAT-II College Board Achievement Test or the Latin Advanced Placement exam.

Your SAT Score/Advanced Placement Score Course You Should Enroll In
SAT Score below 530 / AP Exam 1 or 2 LATIN 101 Elementary Latin
SAT Score 530-630 / AP Exam 3 LATIN 203 Intermediate Latin
SAT Score 640-690 / AP Exam score 4 LATIN 252 Advanced Intermediate Latin
SAT Score above 690 / AP Exam score 5 LATIN 300-level or above. See note below about AP Credit.

AP Credit: A score of 4 or 5 gives the student credit for a Latin course taken (LATIN 25 Introduction to Literature). LATIN 25 will count toward the University requirement for 34 courses necessary for graduation, but it will not count toward the University language requirement, or for any of our departmental majors and minors.

Placement for Students with High School Latin who have no SAT/AP Test Scores

Students who have not taken the College Board Achievement test or the Advanced Placement exam should make arrangements with the DUS to take the department Latin placement test. Ideally, they should do so before the beginning of classes. This test will produce the equivalent of an SAT-II score that will be used as a placement guide.

Students should ask the DUS for advice on any remaining placement questions. If they find their placement level too challenging before the end of the drop-add period, they will be allowed to drop back one level with no penalty. However, students should note that LATIN 203 and 252 may be offered only once per academic year--typically in the fall and spring respectively--and plan accordingly.

There is no Advanced Placement test for Greek. We handle course placement for incoming students on an individual basis. Students who have studied ancient Greek in high school and are interested in continuing their study of the language should contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies before registering for classes. We will help you identify the best fit for your academic background.