Greek and Mediterranean archaeology; the Greek Iron Age; archaic and classical Sicily and S. Italy; the archaeology of colonization; mortuary practices; hero cult
Greek and Roman political philosophy and ethics; Latin literature; the history of political thought; patristics; Cicero
Roman history, esp. of the imperial period; Roman women; Roman topography and urbanism; Latin historiography; Latin epigraphy
Greek and Latin poetry; rhetoric; semiotics; Caribbean literature (francophone and anglophone)
Etruscan, pre-Roman and Roman archaeology; virtual and cyber-archaeology; archaeological theory; memetics; neuro-archaeology; early urban societies in the Mediterranean basin; archaeology and cultural transmission
Greek poetry, archaic to Hellenistic; ancient rhetoric and literary criticism; performance studies; Greek religion, myth, and ritual; historical linguistics and Greek dialects; ancient commentaries and scholia
Latin poetry of the late Republic and early Empire; gender and sexuality in the ancient world; critical and psychoanalytic theory
archaeological theory; Roman visual and material culture; Roman colonialism; cultural change and monetization in Hispania, esp. funerary, urban and military contexts
Greek historiography; Greek and Roman literature and cultural history; ancient books and readers; ancient music; literary papyri
Greek epigraphy and papyrology; religion; economics; law; numismatics; Latin and Greek
late and medieval Latin literature; early medieval homiletics, monastic culture; the history of the book; the classical tradition in literature; post-classical experiences of Rome and Italy; the pre-modern in new media