Workshop "Universities and African American Cemeteries: Partnerships for Preservation, Research and Teaching"

Workshop meeting at the Duke Office of Durham and Community Affairs, the Mutual Life Building. Image: Brian Palmer /

On May 19, 20 and 21 the Durham Black Burial Grounds Collaboratory (Adam Rosenblatt, Charles Johnson, Khadija McNair, Jenna Smith and Alicia Jiménez) met at Duke with colleagues from the East End Cemetery Collaboratory, from Richmond, Virginia (Jeannine Keefer, Ryan Smith, Brian Palmer, Elizabeth Baughan, Melissa Pocock and Erin Holloway Palmer).
The group studied the role of universities in documenting and preserving Black burial grounds as well as good practices in research and teaching at African American Cemeteries. The participants presented their previous work on the subject, visited Stagville and two Black cemeteries in and around Durham and discussed work in progress by Adam Rosenblatt.
This workshop was part of a project funded by Duke's grant “Reckoning with Race, Racism and the History of the American South”.